The story of LevaLux Bibiana Smith


My story begins in the capital of the world, Slovakia, where I had a burning desire to move to some place very close to the beach. Having a passion for the service industry and extremely good supervisory skills (according to my husband at least), I signed up for Waldorf Astoria’s hospitality training in Key West, Florida.

Owing to my poor English skills, I had to start with entry level positions (such as cleaning tables), but I was learning and moved up the ranks quickly. My biggest insight was ‘’the customer is always right’’. This was an epiphany for a girl from a post-soviet country where the customer does not get to be right very often. Meeting customer needs, consistency in quality, attentiveness, warmth, knowledge of the product and positivity …all this has miraculously become part of my DNA.


My journey continues in “The Capital of Latin America” – Miami. Besides having the time of my life, sipping on cocktails in South Beach and clubbing on Ocean Drive, I also managed to squeeze in some time to study towards my MBA. Living in this popular travel destination, I often planned holiday itineraries for my family and friends. It quickly became my passion; sharing local knowledge, advising on the best experiences and showing them those unique places that one would not necessarily find on TripAdvisor’s “Florida to do list”.


Fast forward a few years, after living in Berlin, working for a travel company, visiting different countries, staying in many hotels, experiencing different levels of hospitality service, I decided to start my own boutique travel company.


Somewhere along the way, I caught the attention of a charming South African man and found myself relocating to Cape Town, the city that has stolen my heart. I am not sure if it’s the glistering Atlantic Ocean, magnificent beaches, the enigmatic Table Mountain, Cape Town’s fine cuisine or simply just some of the best wines I have ever tasted …but it is the destination of choice for millions of travellers who arrive and cannot bring themselves to leave.

And that brings me back to adventure, authentic experiences, different cultures and unforgettable memories …the important things that define travel. Looking back at my journey, I think of jet skiing around Key West, raising my heart rate riding a roller-coaster in amusement parks in Orlando, getting goosebumps when walking around WW2 shelters in Berlin or experiencing love with my first sip of South African pinotage.

I see a person who is in love with South Africa, who helps travelers to experience this beautiful country in the best possible way.
with Love
Bibiana Smith